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  • Sure Teck

    How do you build a responsive website?

    Process An over-simplified process you can follow: Define a simple architectural structure for your website.Create your necessary content.Cut down that content until you can't remove any more.Refine the structure as necessary.Load the content into a small (~320px-wide) container using the appropriate HTML elements.Refine and style your content.Now gradually expand the width of your container until the flow starts to break or the meter is too long. Write media queries to cater for these. i.e. center-aligned Więcej

  • Sure Teck

    How do you make a good website?

    In the last few years, technology has undergone considerable transformation and advanced significantly. The Internet is powerful. The interactive ability of the Internet has propelled its usage across the globe and the end result is an unparalleled growth rate that continues to bolster further. Social media has assumed relevance and Google have become important than ever. Until a few years back, website creation was something that only techies were capable of doing. This old school stereotype has Więcej

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