How do you make a good website?

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In the last few years, technology has undergone considerable transformation and advanced significantly. The Internet is powerful. The interactive ability of the Internet has propelled its usage across the globe and the end result is an unparalleled growth rate that continues to bolster further. Social media has assumed relevance and Google have become important than ever. Until a few years back, website creation was something that only techies were capable of doing. This old school stereotype has changed and now the non-IT geeks are easily building their own website.
For many, building a web platform may seem like a tough task, especially when you do not have any past website designing experience. The question that arises now: Is building a site easy? If you have a business and haven’t developed your website yet, there are chances that you may fall behind your competitors. Believe it or not, website building in the past was challenging but now it is achievable without any prior experience.
Our step-wise guide will help you build your website with limited knowledge and understanding.
Step 1: Hosting your website
Web hosting is like paying a rent for your web platform that encompasses – pages, images, documents, etc. A web server is used for web hosting. It is possible to build a completely functional website on a personal computer, but if you want to make it visible to others, web hosting is of utmost importance.
Step 2: Domain name registration
A domain name is the URL consumers/audiences type into their web browser to reach to your website. A good domain name offers significant branding opportunities and ensures that people remember your brand. Usually, the price of domain names vary between $8-35 and it can be successfully registered online. Many users prefer to choose a service provider that offers domain name registration and web hosting services both.
Step 3: Plan your website
Website planning is important. Hence the owner needs to opt for certain crucial decisions such as -
• Type of site needed
• Navigation design
• Content
Step 4: Designing and developing Your Website
This is considered as an integral part of the website development. At this stage, the website owner should understand the below-mentioned pointers for attaining the desired results –
• Using elements of good and effective design on website
• The building blocks of a web page is HyperText Markup Language (HTML). We suggest learning the basics of HTML for enhanced control and flexibility.
• Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) decide the look of web pages. Learning CSS will ensure that you are able to alter the visual appearance of a website in accordance with the requirement.
• Simple text editors like Notepad for writing CSS or Adobe Dreamweaver software can be used for bagging assistance with page creation. Content Management System (CMS) is also used to build a website.
Step 5: Publishing your website
The proprietary tools that come with the hosting service or with a standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software can be used for the proper implementation of this step. Most often, Standard FTP is supported by hosting service providers.
You can get in touch with the hosting provider if you are not aware of what your hosting service provider supports.
Step 6: Promoting Your Website
Search engine optimization (SEO) is most commonly used for website promotion. It allows your website to be easily found by audiences who want information related to services, product offerings that your website provides.
Every site owner aims to develop a platform that follows the search engine best practices.
Many prefer to use social media, conventional forms of advertising, word of mouth marketing and email marketing for creating buzz about their brand/website.
Step 7: Website maintenance
In order to ensure the functionality of your website, maintenance is integral. This is one of the reasons why the site should be properly tested while developing it and before making it live so that the audiences are offered only a completely functional website. Regular testing helps to improve the performance and ensures proper functioning across devices, browsers.

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