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  • ocean708

    Insecurity And The Safety Of Security Personnel In Nigeria

    The growth and development of any nation is highly dependent on the level of the nation’s security. It is so because for investors to invest in any country, they must be assured of the security of the nation so as to allow for free operation of foreign investors with little or no tension whatsoever. The pillar upon which a nation strives in meaningful growth and development is security for without security a nation goes backward instead of moving forward and may lose foreign investors as no person Więcej

  • ocean708

    School Resumption: How To Make Up For Lost Learning Time

    Education has shown in much aspect to be a tool among others for enhancing the growth and development of a country. It is an imperative aspect that not only help an individual in acquiring skills, abilities and knowledge, but it also lead to a general growth and progress of the individual and the society at large. An educated person will not only be able to accomplish his/her goals and ambitions on life, but also able to render an effective and efficient contributions to the existing problem in Więcej

  • ocean708

    Domestic Violence: The Need For Courtship Before Marriage

    Courtship is the building block for relationships. Courtship is very important before marriage. Romance, communication, trust and deep commitment are in deer need for the survival of a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage. From most of the undergraduate project research materials and projects I have studies online I came to the realization that courtship is a stage in a relationship where couples get to know more about themselves, build love, trust and commitment. In courtship it is Więcej

  • ocean708


    Weight loss is a process that over weight individuals sees as challenging. It has however posed to be a major problem to many. Health education of fitness and wellness is very important because people need to be aware on the importance of being fit regardless of the body weight. Most people believe issues of wellness and fitness is for those who wish to lose some weight. This notion is against the principle of fitness and wellness which is encouraged for both all body size. However, weight loss Więcej

  • ocean708

    Private Sector: covid19 pandemic and sales volume in an organization

    The covid19 pandemic came as a shock to the entire private sector. The covid 19 brought about instability in not just the private sector but also the public sector in Nigeria. The epidemic of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections that began in China in late 2019 has rapidly grown and cases have been reported worldwide. An empirical estimate of the serial interval the time from illness onset during a primary case (infector) to illness onset during a secondary case (infectee) is required to know Więcej

  • ocean708

    Post Graduate Students: How To Choose A Good Career Choice

    Over the years it has been recorded that one of the major problems undergraduate students have is how to choose a good career choice. Most of them find it difficult having lots of careers in today’s society leaves them almost confused on which one to choose from. The confusion most times stems from the career choices of others and the success and failures experienced by people in that career. The success and failures of others greatly influence their career choices. From some of the final year projects Więcej

  • ocean708

    Undergraduates: Get It Right With Introduction And Background Of Study

    Most undergraduates do not know or understand the differences in between an introduction and the background of study in an undergraduate research works . However, they tend to misplace both and may end up giving their audience the background of the study in the place of introduction and introduction in the place of background of study. An introduction to a study and the background of study in a research may have their similarities but at the same time they have their unique features and characteristics Więcej

  • ocean708

    Marriages In Nigeria: The Need For Counselling

    Marriages in Nigeria are faced with lots of challenges because many go into the institution of marriage without proper counseling or an understanding of what they are getting committed to. Many go into marriages with lots of expectations and when those expectations are not met or achieved it causes problems in the marriage which in most homes can lead to separation (divorce). However, irrespective of whatever challenge one may face in marriage, if communication doesn’t solve it then counseling should Więcej

  • ocean708

    final year research project? What should students expect?

    Final year research project is one of the core courses required for students in higher institution as a fulfillment in obtaining their honors bachelor degree. Final year project is a compulsory course to all students and its main purpose is to equip the students with self-learning and research skills with closed supervision on existing, extended or new topic in the area of ​​their course of study. Therefore, Project writing involves undertaking an empirical investigation into an issue of social Więcej

  • ocean708

    Tips On How To Meet Undergraduate Project Deadline

    It is expected of every Undergraduate student to carry out a research as a part fulfillment of their degree. The research provides an avenue for students to gain in-depth experience learning and conducting with a topic related to their specific course of study. The students are exposed to how and why research is developed to help solve problems that currently do not have answers. Typically, undergraduate students are not exposed to conducting research until their final year. Undergraduate research Więcej

  • ocean708


    Undergraduate project topics these days are easy to find. There are lots of research platforms everywhere but I will recommend projectregards to any undergraduate student that is in need of project topics. You can find the best research writers in this company. We offer high quality research work and excellent data analysis. Our materials are well researched and approved by all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. We have high quality education topics, accounting topics, economics topics etc. We offer Więcej

  • ocean708

    How To Solve Reading Difficulty Among Undergraduates

    The academic performance of undergraduates in today’s higher institution is bedeviled with reading difficulty; most undergraduates find it difficult to develop reading culture for some it’s a personal problem while some is an environmental problem. Whatever is the case it is important to develop a reading culture. In solving reading difficulty among undergraduates we must first understand what reading entails. Readingis a unique human activity that is marked by the translation of symbols or letters Więcej

  • ocean708

    The Importance Of Discussion Of Findings To Undergraduate Projects

    Discussion of findings is a kind of summary of the chapter four of undergraduate project topics with theoretical and empirical underpinning. The discussion of findings is usually at the chapter four after the interpretation of the data analysis and test of hypothesis. Some of the importance of discussion of findings is listed below: it improve the level of understanding of the project topicit gives credibility to the author of your research topicit helps provide justification for the result of the Więcej

  • ocean708

    The need to improve your speed during research project writing

    There is always need for speed when writing on any undergraduate project topics ; this is because it will help you finish your research work on time so as to have time of other departmental activities like seminar presentation, attendance to classes etc; however most student still do not know how to manage time during research project writing . This has really affected the time scheduled for the completion of the research work. There some few things I will list out on how to improve your speed during Więcej

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