Post Graduate Students: How To Choose A Good Career Choice

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Over the years it has been recorded that one of the major problems undergraduate students have is how to choose a good career choice. Most of them find it difficult having lots of careers in today’s society leaves them almost confused on which one to choose from. The confusion most times stems from the career choices of others and the success and failures experienced by people in that career. The success and failures of others greatly influence their career choices. From some of the final year projects I have seen, I observed that one of the great factors that influence undergraduate students’ decision on career choice is the people or role models in his or her life. These role models can be a parent, teacher, or even a religious leader. However, as an undergraduate student you must understand that your passion towards a particular career should be your yardstick for choosing any career. Choosing the right career path is very important for young undergraduates students today as the choices you make today will determine your tomorrow and future that is why it is pertinent to take into account many things when choosing a career. The career path you choose will affect how you live the rest of their life and the path you must tow if you must be successful in that career. A lot of undergraduate students go through school without even having knowledge of what career path they want and what such career entails or what it involves. Overtime there are lots of factors that have changed the career choice for undergraduate students such as the Wages, employment rates, and the overall workforce.
Life In School And After School
The life in school and after school is quite different. The privileges and opportunities you enjoy and have in school will not the same when you leave school. Life after school is totally different and demands a lot from you if you must success. That is why it is advisable to utilize and maximize every opportunity you have while in school. Therefore, while in school decide which career you want to go into because the influence of any career choice will have a lasting impact on you as an individual. Your career choice serves as a predictor and determinant of prospective level of income, nature of work and consequently leaves a mark on the individual’s personality, demeanour and general outlook of an individual. Thus one wrong decision can change the entire fate and destiny of an individual. Life offers you chances to make the right decisions and early enough because you may not have that chance again in life. Life in school may be lot easier than life after school that is why you must choose the best career that best suits you and defines your very existence regardless of what others think about it.
Career Choice
Career choices are mainly exercised after going through an objective assessment and outlook of the benefits of the job and what comes with it. Factors may include the salary, other benefits, location, opportunities for career advancement, etc. before we look at how to choose a career choice lets understand what a career choice is. Career choice is the decision in the individual's life that is influenced by multiple factors which includes cultural values, family background, personal attitude as well as career expectations and many more. You must understand whatever the career choice you make it will go a long way in determining a huge part of your life since you spend large parts of your life working. That is why the choice for a career or profession is not an easy one and must be done with considerations of some certain factors. If you find out you have chosen the wrong profession, it is even more important to carefully think about the next step.
Some people along the line tend to make a career switch, however in making this switch it is important that you find out what you have passion and interest for. You can do this by carrying out some sort of career test. Such a test gives you a clear insight in your talents and interests. It also tells you in which area of expertise you will probably find a profession suitable for you and you will be happy you chose that career.
How To Choose A Good Career Choice
a) Look for things you enjoy doing
One of the ways on how to choose a career choice is looking out for those things you enjoy doing. Whatever you enjoy doing, you will definitely put in your best to it and with utmost determination, zeal and consistency. Doing what you enjoy will always make you happy and you will sort for ways to improve on it and make it the best in the competitive market. There are careers you will choose and find joy in doing it. It will also relieve you of stress and frustration encountered when practicing a career that you don’t enjoy or a career that was influenced by some factors like parents, religious leaders, peer groups or even mentors.
b) Take A Survey On The Marketing Of Those Things You Like
It is very important that you take a survey on the marketing of those things you like and enjoy. You may have a particular thing you enjoy doing, but it does not have any market value and that will limit you and frustrate. You may end up unsuccessful in it or may not go far in life as you wish to because of the market value placed on it.
Therefore, before making a career choice, take a proper outlook and survey on the marketing of that which you enjoy doing.
c) Can The Revenues Generated From The Things You Like Doing Pay Your Bills
Another factor you must consider while choosing a career for yourself is the revenue generation. You must put into consideration the revenue generated for the things you like doing. This is important because you will need to pay your bills and may be for others like family. To be able to pay bills, the revenue generated from what you do must be enough.
Therefore, if you must be successful in your field then you must as well want to consider the revenue generation.
d) You Can Always Search For Other Passions
That you like doing a particular thing shouldn’t limit you from learning and searching for other passions. There just might be something else you’ve not discovered about yourself and potentials that you possess. And you can only discover this if you search and try other new things aside from the regular things you do. As we know having just a source of income is not advisable, diversify into other things that way you will have more revenues coming in and will help you sort bills and achieve other things in life. Diversification is one key to a successful living and a comfortable life.
e) Learn More Skills And Pick The Best Out Of Those And Develop Yourself
There are lots of skills acquisitions going on both physically and even online. Choose any of the skills that you find interesting, learn and develop in it as well as strive to be the best in it. There are skills you learn that do not need you to place advert on them before people can patronize you, by the virtue that you are the best will attract people to you and even referrals. So it shouldn’t end at just learning more skills, be the best in whatever you do and you will see yourself scaling high.
Conclusively, you must know that in choosing a career, you don’t need to rush into it because your career choice will affect your life generally. Make a well-prepared career choice because it is one of the main factors determining which specific profession you will end up in.
Therefore, it is important to ask yourself some certain questions like what do I want, what do I want to achieve in life, what do I enjoy doing, what do I have passion for, what career will pay my bills, what is the revenue generation and so on. Answering these questions will help you in making a good career choice. Do not allow any external factor influence your choice of career, you can only seek for their advice and counsel but don’t do what they like and say. Your career choice is strictly your decision to make and none other. Understanding that it is your life and that you are responsible for your life will help you in making the right decisions.
However, you must understand that failures are inevitable as far as life is concerned. But your failures should serve as a motivation to succeed and not to discourage you. Nobody ever makes in life without encountering some challenges but don’t let it weigh you down or frustrate you rather let it serve as an encouragement and let you know that you need to put in more effort or a message that there is something you are not doing.
Lastly, the success of others in that career should be a motivating factor that you can succeed and even more.
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